Stand Out From The Crowd With This Sleek Business Solution.

If you’re looking to make your business stand out from the crowd in a sleek and sophisticated way, then look no further. From appointment cards, to sales promotions, to mini calendars - folded business cards are a unique solution that commands attention and makes your business “pop” in the eye of the consumer.

Use the outside of the business card to display your elegant graphics, business and contact information, and any other tidbits you want to include. Then, get the maximum use out of this less-than-ordinary card by leaving space on the inside for appointment details, for coupons, for guest’s names and promos, specials, and much more.

Folded business cards can easily and effectively be used in today’s quickly evolving business world, and you’ll immediately draw eyeballs directly to your cards as they unfold while they display your art and sophistication. They’re ideal for designers, salons, restaurants, private practices, spas, even sports bars or dog groomers. Other than your imagination, there really is no limit as to how these can be used for maximum efficiency, and to make an instant but lasting impression…

So if you’ve never used any folded business cards before, we should mention that you may never want to go to back to traditional business cards after giving these a shot.

Get creative! Add your personal touch to any of your custom graphics, or simply use them for the extra messaging space.

All folded business card orders are guaranteed and back by our extremely competitive prices. Rest assured that when you order today that you are in good hands.

Folded Business cards come in super premium 14pt card stock. Go ahead and pick your size, and place your order today!

3.5 x 4250$ 145.60
500$ 151.84
1000$ 150.00
2500$ 199.50
5000$ 323.00
2 x 7250$ 135.20
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