Small Cards Leave BIG Impressions

Skinny business cards are almost half the size of traditional business cards, and have the potential to pack twice the punch. Besides serving as a sleek version of a standard business card, they have a wide variety of other practical uses. Use these skinny cards as your calling card, as a name card, swing tag, gift tag, save-the-dates, and even promo cards.

You also can imprint them with your QR Code, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn contact info.

The limit to the use of these amazing business cards is only left to your imagination!

And while these cards may be on the little side, they can make a BIG statement and make an even bigger impression on whomever you give them to.

You’ll immediately have a “different” and unique look in the recipient’s eyes, and they’ll even be able to store your card with minimal space.

Plus, they won’t have to shuffle through their pile of business cards just to find yours – they’ll immediately be able to find yours without a second thought!

And as with most of the business cards we offer, they come in both super-thick premium 16pt card stock, or industry standard 14pt card stock.

So when you order today, choose 16pt stock if you want a thicker, tougher business cardOr simply choose the industry standard 14pt if you prefer an even “skinnier” look and feel.

3.5" x 1.5" Skinny250$ 14.56
500$ 20.80
1000$ 25.98
2500$ 57.00
5000$ 74.08
10000$ 111.60
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