Put Your Business Cards in the Spotlight!

Whether it be a logo, design, company name, contact info, or anything else– spot UV cards will highlight it make sure that you get your point across in a sleek and memorable way! Spot UV is a printing technique that adds immediate contrast to your business card by making a chosen “spot” pop off the paper, which highlights that spot’s particular features.

That “spot” is coated with a glossy finish, in contrast to the regular coating of the rest of the card… and this is a great solution especially if you want to immediately get your recipients’ attention on a certain area on the card.

The UV coating on the designated area of the card is slightly raised, so you will be able to see and feel the difference immediately. The three-dimensional appeal will add to the already eye-catching features of these type of cards, making them a must-have for nearly every business solution.

This creates an experience that not only engages the eye, but other senses as well.

And as with most of the business cards we offer, they come in both super-thick premium 16pt card stock, or industry standard 14pt card stock.

So when you order today, choose 16pt stock if you want to show off your logo, design, or info in a more rugged, durable fashion. Otherwise, you can choose the industry standard 14pt if you prefer a more “standard” look and feel.

Either way, you can’t lose as these cards will make an excellent element to add to your business “arsenal.”

3.5 x 2 (Portrait)500$ 52.50
1000$ 55.98
2500$ 94.40
5000$ 111.00
10000$ 210.00
2 x 3.5 (Landscape)500$ 52.50
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