Stand out with these glossy Postcards!

Grab your recipient’s immediate attention with our unique velvet business cards. These cards have a velvet touch and feel to them, and show off just how much thought you put into your business.

Anybody who comes across these will immediately have a different impression of you, your business, your products or your services. More specifically, they will get the impression that you and your business are of “higher quality” than that of your existing competitors.

And it’s no big secret that the sense of “touch” is useful in a marketing sense…

Electronic stores allow you to touch and sample their display products before buying, and furniture stores allow you to do the same.

So why not use this same power of touch in your everyday contacts with clients, partners, and prospects?

It’s no secret that this is definitely a smart move when it comes to taking control of your presentation, as well as your recipient’s reaction to what it is you are presenting. But this isn’t just a marketing tactic… It’s also about showing yourself that you do deserve, portray, and embody higher quality and a unique hands-on approach. These cards are a reflection of how you carry yourself and your business, so it’s crucial that you show others that you only accept the best!

These velvet business cards come in thick premium 16pt cards stock, and are durable as well as elegant.

So go ahead and pick yours up today, and experience the “magic touch” this adds to your business encounters!

2 x 3.5 (Landscape)250$ 58.24
500$ 62.40
1000$ 81.12
2500$ 160.16
5000$ 220.22
10000$ 371.28
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With 14pt card stock and ultra premium 16pt card stock to select from, we know you'll be happy with either. does not charge extra for 16pt card stock on business cards so you can experience the luxury that comes with quality paper!

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