Why Having Business Cards is Important.

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Published on December 19, 2016 12:00 pm
Why Having Business Cards is Important.

We are living in a digital world these days. Sending mail, scheduling meetings and events, signing contracts, and especially networking are all taken care of digitally. But business cards are one thing that the digital age won’t be replacing any time soon. Here are some reason as to why those old school business cards are still important.

The digital world can feel very impersonal at times. Especially when it comes to networking, which values genuine connections with clients. Sending your contact information through text or email may be more convenient, but there is no personal interaction. Engaging with people eye to eye, and being part of an conversation is still the best way to build relations.

SEO and creating an e-mail list do a great job of generating new leads, but are still unmatched to meeting them in person. Whether you are at the airport, a conference, or even having a drink during happy hour, having business cards on you is a great way to seem prepared and organized for any scenario. Have you ever seen someone write their contact information on a napkin? It isn’t pretty, and it could kill a potential sale for you. With business cards, you don’t have to worry about napkins, pens, or even dead cellphones. All your information is already on the card and ready to be handed out.

Business cards are a great way to leave your information with someone, along with a lasting impression. Wouldn’t it be great to leave them with a memorable one? When they view your business card the feel, and design all play a key role in how they will view your business as well. A unique business card is a great way to start and keep a conversation going. In fact, the conversation doesn’t end when you leave them with your card. If they like your card and the services your business provides, they will share your card with friends, and business partners. That means one card has the potential to reach out to multiple people.

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