How Flyers Can Make Your Business Take Flight!

Published on December 29, 2016 12:00 pm
How Flyers Can Make Your Business Take Flight!

Flyers can be used for a multitude of things. For example, a well-designed flyer can be used as a leave-behind, just like a business card. If the flyer contains special offers, especially ones with a limited time frame, it serves as a reminder to people the same way a call-to-action does. They can also be used as a reminder to prospects you previously met with. Either way, you want your flyers to leave something with the customer, rather it be the physical sheet itself, or a lasting impression from the design.

The most effective flyers are ones that provide a balanced composition. Too much clutter and it will lose its effect. Too much open space and it will seem sparse. While it may be tempting to make use of your favorite styles and fonts, it is still best to keep things neat. Pick a clean, readable design for your flyer so that it is easy to read, yet eye-catching to your target audience. You’ve probably had some flyers put on your car windshield wiper, or in your mailbox. Take notice at which ones are eye-catching to you, as it may give you some ideas and creativity when creating your own.
Most people feel that a business exists once they see it in physical form. Rather it be business cards, postcards, or flyers; having a medium to print your business materials makes a definite impact on the people who see it. Texture of the cards effect the look and feel. Silk, matte, suede, you name it. Spot UV on your logo to give some shine to specific areas that you want to stand out. Even rounded corners can give you an “edge” against your competition, pun intended. Today’s printing options are very plentiful, allowing endless possibilities and combinations to make your design unique and beautiful.
In a world filled with online media and marketing, there is something beautiful about having a physical form of your business to give to potential clients. Many people today are accustomed to dismissing online ads, even installing ad-blockers to avoid unwanted clutter on their screen. Flyers have the ability to distill a visual impact and branding power for your business. In fact, a well-designed flyer could be the perfect marketing tool for you.